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Fletco Carpets is supplier for ”a trefoil in the woods

At the end of September 2015 the new, energetically highly innovative research building for the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Researches was opened in Potsdam, Germany. The 6.923 m² large and modern office building resembles a trefoil and is beautifully situated on a small glade in the woods of the Potsdam’s Telegraph Hill. The office building will house around 200 scientists on four floors and the new supercomputer of the Potsdam Institute. The building has been designed by the architect company Architekten BHBVT in Berlin and Fletco Carpets has once again been selected as carpet supplier thanks to their environment friendly carpets.

Fletco has delivered more than 4000 m² Nordic broadloom and 1700 m² Nordic laser cut zigzag tiles (free of PVC and bitumen)

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